Established in 2000 M & M Turf Farm is located North of Bloomington and Normal in Mclean County, in the heart of Central Illinois farm belt. The farm was originally started to meet the needs of local homeowners and landscape contractors for quality sod and service.

Having farmed row crops for over 40 years made the transition to sod farming seamless. Rapid growth was due to increased demand from the market, a staff who is committed to knowing our customers and providing the product and service they expected.

Our quality 3-D Sod Products allow us to stay on the cutting edge of Kentucky Bluegrass genetics, bring you sod that is Denser, Darker and Dwarfer. Combine this with state of the art equipment, automated sod harvesters and you have described our operation. Our consistent product, dedication to our customers and market awareness has allowed us to become a major supplier in all of central Illinois. We are active members of TPI (Turfgrass Producers International)

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M&M Turf Farm
Address: 21078 N 2300 E, Lexington, IL 61753
Phone : (309) 275-2420
Fax: (309) 365-2705

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