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We Offer Quality Sod at competitive prices.

M & M Turf Farm got its start in the 1960s growing row crops. Now we are a continuously run, 3rd generation family farm that focuses on using our experience to grow the finest sod in central Illinois.

Here at M & M Turf farm we know there is no shortage of sod farms to choose from when selecting from where you want to source your sod. Therefore are goal is provide strong, healthy, top quality sod at competitive prices while giving our customers the kind of customer service they expect.

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M&M Turf Mission

We strive to supply the healthiest, strongest sod at competitive prices all while providing superior service and customer experience. We know the best way to succeed is to promise to deliver and deliver what we promise.

3D Sod Blend

Our Sod

We use Kentucky Bluegrass blends and Black Beauty Tall Fescue breeds that are developed specifically for the qualities desired by our customers. Deep green color for beauty, dense, thick growth that pushes weeds out and a shorter vertical growth which means more enjoying and less mowing.



We use the latest in technology from the seed we purchase, the growth and care of the sod, to the equipment use to run the farm. We understand that to ignore the latest technologies, is to get left behind in a competitive market.

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