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Installing Sod

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M&M Turf would like to stress that sod installation is something anyone can do, even kids, so don't be intimidated or find that the preparation and soil testing is cost prohibitive. If you don't have the best soil, which most subdivisions don't, you can still install sod. However, you will just have to take extra care the first year the sod was installed.

Soil Preparation

  • Ideally there should be 6 inches of top soil. Loosen the soil to a depth of 4 to 6 inches with a rototiller or a tillage implement.
  • Eliminate drainage problems by having the soil slope away from building foundations.
  • Rake and smooth the soil. Remove any debris or large dirt clods before lightly rolling the area to firm the soil surface.
  • Spread Sod Starter fertilizer prior to installation.

Sod Installation

  • Start installation by laying sod along the longest straight line.
  • Butt and push edges together tightly; avoid gaps or stretching sod.
  • Avoid kneeling on sod while it is being installed or just after watering. It will take a few waterings for the sod to settle.
  • Lightly roll the new sod to improve sod to soil contact.

Watering the New Sod Installation

  • Water at least 1 inch of water within the first 1/2 hour of installation.
  • Plan to water daily or more often to keep the new sod moist, but not saturated, for the first two weeks.
  • Check for root development; less frequent and deeper watering can begin when roots develop.
  • CAUTION! Less frequent watering as the sod develops a root system is very important. Less frequent water will encourage the roots to go deeper "looking" for moisture. Deeper roots mean a more stable turf.