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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a roll of sod/how much does a roll weigh?

We cut our rolls 2 feet wide and 5 feet long. One roll will cover 10 square feet. Depending on how wet the soil is, a roll can weight 25-40 pounds.

How many rolls are on a pallet/how much does a pallet weigh?

We put 70 rolls on a pallet. A pallet can vary in weight depending on soil moisture. Anywhere between 2000-3000 pounds for a full pallet.

When is a good time of year to install sod?

Typically April through November when the ground is not frozen, but we have cut sod every month of the year. It is totally dependent on weather conditions.

What is the lead time for placing an order for sod?

For sod delivery please give us 2 to 3 days advance notice. For sod pick-up let us know 1 day in advance.

Do you sell directly to homeowners?

Yes, pick-up time for homeowners is 8am to Noon Monday through Friday. Please call the day before you want to pick up.

What type of sod should I use?

We produce a Kentucky bluegrass blend that has a fine texture, provides drought and shade resistance and a dark green color. We also grow a turf type Tall Fescue that is a blend of Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue. This blend is drought and disease resistant, requires less water and is resistant to wear.